5 Ways to Plan a Destination Wedding

There are other benefits too, a destination wedding may actually work out cheaper than a traditional hometown celebration, as you will have fewer guests and an instant honeymoon. You can also benefit from competitive currency rates and predictable weather, as well as an incredible backdrop for your big day.
Convinced yet? Well, here are 5 top tips on how to go about planning your perfect destination wedding.

1. Give your guests plenty of warning

They will have to book time off work, arrange childcare or pet care, and budget for the flights and accommodation. One of the benefits of a destination wedding is that only your nearest and dearest are likely to make the trip, but you don’t want to exclude any one of them by sending out invites at the last minute.

2. Hire a Wedding Planner

Believe it or not, a wedding planner can actually save you money. They know all the local vendors and are well used to haggling on prices, this is an especially valuable skill if you are getting married in a country where you don’t speak the language and aren’t overly familiar with the local culture. A wedding planner will also be able to help you set a realistic budget from the outset, so you know exactly what you’re spending and what you’re getting.

3. Arrive Early

Book a flight out a week before your big day. This will give you enough time to fight off jet lag, make last minute arrangements, find your way around the area, and, if applicable, acquire a ‘healthy glow’.

4. Welcome Your Guests

Your guests have spent a lot of money and time to be at your wedding with you; make sure you show your appreciation. Have a welcome basket waiting in their hotel room, filled with local treats (e.g. olive oil, fruit) and some practical items (e.g. sun block, insect repellent, local maps).

5. Have a ‘back home’ plan

A destination wedding is all well and good, but you can expect every distant relative and well-meaning friend to ask you when the ‘real’ party is. Don’t feel pressured into organising a second reception back home, but do make sure you have an answer to these queries. Consider throwing a party for anyone who couldn’t make it to the real event. To keep costs down, serve buffet food themed around your wedding destination, and hang photos of the big day around the walls as decorations. That should keep everyone happy, and allow you to relive the magic of your wedding day!

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